Friday, July 8, 2011


Today i have for you only one story, but trust me, its delicious.

I. Blind man reading.
If you saw him, its probably too late. He sitting at night on park bench, under the flickering latern, dark glasses hiding his eyes, on knees he holding open book. Next to him on a bench lays his staff reaffirming his blindness.
His lips movings as he pronouncing the words he read. His finger draws a path from the top of a sheet to bottom. He not capsizing pages. You noticeed that he doesn't looks at you, but at a point slightly above you. You are trying to follow his gaze, but realizing that, after all, he is blind, so how he could look anywhere ?
  If you're lucky, you'll walk away and forget that you saw him. But if you're curious, you'll watch his mouth trying to guess what he said. You discovering that he whispering, leaning over him that much, that your ear almost touching his face.
When you stays that close, suddenly you understand what he keeps saying.
He repeats over and over: ''Do not read this book''.
You look down and noticing that the pages are clean. But under his finger draws a name. It belongs to you. And now you belongs to him.

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